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Third example. A family with three children - 6, 11 and 17 years old - lives in a three-room apartment. The eldest, according to his parents, needs a separate room, and they decide to sell a three-room apartment and buy a four-room apartment

The mistake in this case is that in three years, before the end of the cycle of life in a four-room apartment, the eldest child will move to a separate area, because he wants an independent life. And in five more - and the second child. That is, in 7-8 years the question will arise: why so many rooms for three?

Fourth example. A young family without children is a typical example of Ego motivation. They want a prestigious apartment in the center.

According to the budget, they can afford 45 m2. We ask a logical question: “Are you planning children?” Indeed, in the center there are problems with schools, many expensive paid clinics and nowhere to walk with children. But this family does not think about the life cycle!



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